Quay West Studios Homeland
Ines Mendez Homeland Actor
Erin Newman vocalist on Homeland
Alan Finlan vocalist on Homeland
Mixing desk
Fender amp

'Homeland' and Coolstar

Coolstar is a band of session musicians comprising Nick Bowen (guitars), Daryll Nash (drums-percussion), Gethyn Jones (keyboards and backing vocals) – and singers Erin Newman and Alan Finlan.

Homeland was co-produced by Nick Bowen and Gethyn Jones at Quay West Studios, Gosport, Hampshire, UK. Gethyn wrote the song.

The state-of-the-art Quay West Studios is owned, operated and engineered by Nick Bowen who has produced some amazing tracks from this South Coast creative centre.

Previous single release: OZONE by Redlipz

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